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Fair trade: a “third generation welfare” mechanism to make globalisation sustainable

Adriani Fabrizio, Becchetti Leonardo,
CEIS Working Papers, 170, May 2002


Messori Marcello,
CEIS Working Papers, 169, April 2002

Private Medical Insurance And Saving: Evidence From The British Household Panel Survey

Rossi Maria Cristina, Guariglia Alessandra,
CEIS Working Papers, 165, March 2002

Il ruolo del progresso tecnico nell'uso dell'ambiente e delle risorse naturali

Castellucci Laura,
CEIS Working Papers, 164, March 2002

Search, moneta e autarchia

Amendola Nicola,
CEIS Working Papers, 162, February 2002

Cost to the patient or cost to the healthcare system? Which one matters the most for GP prescribing decisions? A UK-Italy comparison

Marjorie C. Weiss, Karen Hassell, Atella Vincenzo, Ellen I. Schafheutle,
CEIS Working Papers, 160, February 2002

Precautionary Saving and Health Risk.Evidence from the Italian households using a time series of cross sections

Rossi Maria Cristina, Atella Vincenzo, Rosati Furio Camillo,
CEIS Working Papers, 159, January 2002

Determinants of Access to Physician Services in Italy: A Latent Class Probit Approach

Atella Vincenzo, Brindisi Francesco, Partha Deb, Rosati Furio Camillo,
CEIS Working Papers, 158, January 2002


Bagella Michele, Becchetti Leonardo, Caiazza Stefano,
CEIS Working Papers, 157, January 2002


Becchetti Leonardo, Marini Giancarlo,
CEIS Working Papers, 156, January 2002

The Stock Market And The Fed

Becchetti Leonardo, Mattesini Fabrizio,
CEIS Working Papers, 154, December 2001

Globalizzazione,Rivoluzione tecnologica e Commercio internazionale: Le nuove sfide

Becchetti Leonardo, Paganetto Luigi,
CEIS Working Papers, 153, December 2001

On the Effects of Regulating Price Discrimination by a Price Capped Firm

Iozzi Alberto, Pace Carla, Sestini Roberta, Valentini Edilio,
CEIS Working Papers, 149, September 2001

The Determinants of Growth for Smal and Medium Sized Firms. The Role of The Availability of External Finance

Becchetti Leonardo, Trovato Giovanni,
CEIS Working Papers, 148, July 2001

Micro Modeling of Retirement Behavior in Italy

Peracchi Franco, Brugiavini Agar,
CEIS Working Papers, 147, May 2001

ICT “bottlenecks” and the wealth of nations: a contribution to the empirics of economic growth

Becchetti Leonardo, Adriani Fabrizio,
CEIS Working Papers, 146, April 2001