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Estimating Income Poverty in the Presence of Missing Data and Measurement Error

Nicoletti Cheti, Peracchi Franco, Foliano Francesca,
CEIS Research Paper, 145, September 2009

Income Distribution, Infant Mortality, and Health Care Expenditure

Tacke Tilman, Waldmann Robert J.,
CEIS Research Paper, 146, September 2009

Contracts as Threats: on a Rationale For Rewarding A while Hoping For B

Iossa Elisabetta, Spagnolo Giancarlo,
CEIS Research Paper, 147, September 2009

Testing for cointegration in high-dimensional systems

Breitung Jorg, Cubadda Gianluca,
CEIS Research Paper, 148, September 2009

Is Fair Trade Honey Sweeter? An Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Affiliation on Productivity

De Luca Roberta, Brunetti Marianna,
CEIS Research Paper, 141, June 2009

The Simple Micro-Economics of Public-Private Partnerships

Iossa Elisabetta, Martimort David,
CEIS Research Paper, 139, February 2013

Pharmaceutical industry, drug quality and regulation. Evidence from US and Italy

Atella Vincenzo, Carbonari Lorenzo, Bhattacharya Jay,
CEIS Research Paper, 138, December 2008

Shipbuilding in Italy, 1861-1913:The Burden of The Evidence

Ciccarelli Carlo, Fenoaltea Stefano,
CEIS Research Paper, 137, December 2008

Construction in Italy's Regions, 1861-1913

Ciccarelli Carlo, Fenoaltea Stefano,
CEIS Research Paper, 136, December 2008

Predicting the Signs of Forecast Errors

Solferino Nazaria, Waldmann Robert J.,
CEIS Research Paper, 135, November 2008

A refined Jensen’s inequality in Hilbert spacesand empirical approximations

Leorato Samantha,
CEIS Research Paper, 134, November 2008

The Effects of Unification: Markets, Policy and Cyclical Convergence in Italy, 1861-1913

Ciccarelli Carlo, Fenoaltea Stefano, Proietti Tommaso,
CEIS Research Paper, 133, November 2008

Cigarette Smoking, Pregnancy, Forward Looking Behavior and Dynamic Inconsistency

Ciccarelli Carlo, Giamboni Luigi, Waldmann Robert J.,
CEIS Research Paper, 132, November 2008

Do collateral theories work in social banking ?

Becchetti Leonardo, Garcia Maria Melody,
CEIS Research Paper, 131, November 2008

Job Mobility and the Gender Wage Gap in Italy

Vuri Daniela, Del Bono Emilia,
CEIS Research paper, 130, November 2008

Dynamically Inconsistent Preferences and Money Demand

Millemaci Emanuele, Waldmann Robert J.,
CEIS Research Paper, 129, September 2008

Money laundering in a two sector model: using theory for measurement

Bagella Michele, Argentiero Amedeo, Busato Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 128, September 2008

Easterlin-types and Frustrated Achievers: the Heterogeneous E¤ects of Income Changes on Life Satisfaction

Becchetti Leonardo, Rossetti Fiammetta, Corrado Luisa,
CEIS Research Paper, 127, September 2008