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Does Experience Rating Improve Obstetric Practices? Evidence From Geographical Discontinuities in Italy

Amaral-Garcia Sofia, Bertoli Paola, Grembi Veronica,
CEIS Research Paper, 342, April 2015

Education, Health and Subjective Wellbeing in Europe

Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Pierluigi, Pisani Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 341, April 2015

EuroMInd-D: A Density Estimate of Monthly Gross Domestic Product for the Euro Area

Proietti Tommaso , Marczak Martyna, Mazzi Gian Luigi,
CEIS Research Paper, 340, April 2015

Using the WACC to Rate a New Project

Cacciafesta Fabrizio,
CEIS Research Paper, 339, April 2015

Spatial Panel Data Model with error dependence: a Bayesian Separable Covariance Approach

Leorato Samantha, Mezzetti Maura,
CEIS Research Paper, 338, April 2015

Convex Incentives in Financial Markets: an Agent-Based Analysis

Fabretti Annalisa , Gärling Tommy, Herzel Stefano, Holmen Martin,
CEIS Research Paper, 337, April 2015

Not Feeling Well… (True or Exhaggerated ?) Health (un)Satisfaction as a Leading Health Indicator

Bachelet Maria, Becchetti Leonardo, Ricciardini Fabiola,
CEIS Research paper, 336, April 2015

Platform pricing and consumer foresight: The case of airports

Flores-Fillol Ricardo, Iozzi Alberto, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper , 335, March 2015

Bank Stability and Enforcement Actions in Banking

Caiazza Stefano, Cotugno Matteo, Fiordelisi Franco, Stefanelli Valeria,
CEIS Research Paper, 334, March 2015

On the Selection of Common Factors for Macroeconomic Forecasting

Giovannelli Alessandro, Proietti Tommaso ,
CEIS Research paper, 332, March 2015

Unbundling the incumbent: Evidence from UK broadband

Nardotto Mattia, Valletti Tommaso M., Verboven Frank,
CEIS Research Paper, 331, October 2014

Ramsey Monetary Policy and GHG Emission Control

Annicchiarico Barbara, Di Dio Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 330, September 2014

Counting Rotten Apples: Student Achievement and Score Manipulation in Italian Elementary Schools

Battistin Erich, De Nadai Michele, Vuri Daniela,
CEIS Research Paper, 329, September 2014

Speed 2.0. Evaluating Access to Universal Digital Highways

Ahlfeldt Gabriel, Koutroumpis Pantelis, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 328, September 2014

“De Gustibus Errari (pot)Est”: Utility Misprediction, Preferences for Well-being and Life Satisfaction

Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Pierluigi,
CEIS Research Paper, 327, August 2014

And the Winners Are...An Axiomatic Approach to Selection from a Set

Checchi Daniele, De Fraja Gianni, Verzillo Stefano,
CEIS Research Paper, 326, August 2014

Outlier Detection in Structural Time Series Models: the Indicator Saturation Approach

Marczak Martyna, Proietti Tommaso ,
CEIS Research Paper, 325, August 2014

Ecosystems - Burden or Bounty?

Damania Richard, Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, Glauber Ann Jeannette,
CEIS Research Paper, 324, August 2014

Publish or Perish? Incentives and Careers in Italian Academia

Checchi Daniele, De Fraja Gianni, Verzillo Stefano,
CEIS Research Paper, 323, August 2014