Research Director: Prof. Alberto Iozzi.

The group of researchers involved in the Industrial Organization, Regulation and Competition Policy (IORC) research activity includes Berardino Cesi, Gianni De Fraja, Elisabetta IossaAlberto Iozzi and Tommaso Valletti.


The goal of our research is to offer innovative analysis of imperfectly competitive industries, with particular emphasis on the study of regulatory and competition policies. We conduct both theoretical and empirical analyses, and our objective is the production of useful results for the comprehension of the functioning of the markets and of the effects of regulatory policies, as well as for the assessment of practices alleged to be anticompetitive. Our activity is intended to support public institutions in devising their policies and decisions, and also to firms, in shaping their strategies relative to rivals and public institutions.


In the past years, the members of the research group have been involved in many national and international projects financed by several public bodies, including Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC, UK), Italian Ministry for the University (MIUR, I), National Research Council (CNR, I), Nuffield Foundation (Oxford), and many other private funding organizations and firms, including Vodafone and Pfizer. They have advised numerous governmental bodies, including the Competition Commission, OECD, OFT, IFAD, World Bank, European Commission, Ofcom, as well as private firms such as Autostrade per l’Italia, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Poste.


The members of the research group have a well-established network of national and international relations, including, in Italy, Cattolica University, the Universities of Bologna, Florence, Naples, Padua, and the Politecnico of Turin. Abroad, the network includes many institutions, including Brunel University, Imperial College London, University of Nottingham, Tufts University, Universitat de Barcelona, Goethe University Frankfurt, Athens University of Economics and Business, London School of Economics, Paris School of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.


The group together has collected a remarkable number of publications in top international journals in the fields of industrial and public economics with both applied and methodological contributions. Following is the list of main journals where articles have been published: American Economic Review, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Journal of Industrial Economics; Journal of International Economics; Journal of Public Economic Theory; Journal of Public Economics; Journal of Regulatory Economics; Journal of the European Economic Association; Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Journal of Urban Economics; Marketing Science; Mercato, Concorrenza e Regole; RAND Journal of Economics; Review of Economics and Statistics.