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The “Double Expansion of Morbidity” Hypothesis: Evidence from Italy

Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Cricelli Claudio, Dankova Desislava, Kopinska Joanna, Palma Alessandro, Piano Mortari Andrea,
CEIS Research Paper, 396, February 2017

Optimal Monetary Policy in a Pure Currency Economy with Heterogenous Agents

Amendola Nicola, Ferraris Leo, Mattesini Fabrizio,
CEIS Research Paper, 394, December 2016

A Closer Look at EU Current Accounts

Comunale Mariarosaria,
CEIS Research Paper, 393, August 2016

The Effect of the Italian Unification on the Comparative Regional Development in Literacy, 1821-1911

Ciccarelli Carlo, Weisdorf Jacob,
CEIS Research Paper, 392, July 2016

A Vector Heterogeneous Autoregressive Index Model for Realized Volatily Measures

Cubadda Gianluca, Guardabascio Barbara, Hecq Alain,
CEIS Research Paper, 391, July 2016

The Corporate Legality Game. A Lab Experiment on The Impact of Policies, Frames and Information

Becchetti Leonardo, Pelligra Vittorio, Rossetti Fiammetta,
CEIS Research Paper, 390, July 2016

Disentangling Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard and Supply Induced Demand: An Empirical Analysis of The Demand For Healthcare Services

Atella Vincenzo, Holly Alberto, Mistretta Alessandro,
CEIS Research Paper, 389, October 2018

Smallholder productivity and weather shocks: Adoption and impact of widely promoted agricultural practices in Tanzania

Arslan Aslihan, Belotti Federico, Lipper Leslie,
CEIS Research Paper, 388, June 2016

Volatility and Growth with Recursive Preferences

Annicchiarico Barbara, Pelloni Alessandra, Valenti Fabrizio,
CEIS Research Paper, 387, June 2016

Mind the Gap: Identifying Latent Objective and Subjective Multi-dimensional Indices of Well-Being

Corrado Luisa, De Michele Giuseppe,
CEIS Research Paper, 386, June 2016

Heterogenous mechanisms in WWII stress transmission: evidence from a natural experiment

Atella Vincenzo, Di Porto Edoardo, KOPINSKA JOANNA,
CEIS Research Paper, 385, August 2017

Environmental Policy and Endogenous Market Structure

Annicchiarico Barbara, Correani Luca, Di Dio Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 384, June 2016

Public Health Insurance and Household Portfolio Choices: Unraveling Financial “Side Effects” of Medicare

Angrisani Marco, Atella Vincenzo, Brunetti Marianna,
CEIS Research Paper, 382, February 2017

A Spatial Diffusion Model with Common Factors and an Application to Cigarette Consumption

Ciccarelli Carlo, Elhorst J. Paul,
CEIS Research Paper, 381, May 2016

Joint Custody Laws and Mother's Welfare: Evidence from the US

Vuri Daniela,
CEIS Research Paper, 380, May 2016

The Effect of Local Taxes on Firm Performance: Evidence from Geo-referenced Data

Belotti Federico, Di Porto Edoardo, Santoni Gianluca,
CEIS Research Paper, 377, April 2016