Conferences, seminars, workshops and round tables are often held at CEIS with the main task of stimulating academicians, policy makers, entrepreneurs and students on the debate concerning economic issues. Furthermore, on a weekly basis, a series of seminars are given by invited speakers coming not only from other universities but also the business world.

CEIS Seminars James Fenske (University of Warwick)
Friday 12 November 2021
Did railways affect literacy? Evidence from India
CEIS Seminars Ruediger Frey (University of Vienna)
Friday 29 October 2021
Markov modulated affine processes and applications to the securitization of European government bonds
Friday 15 October 2021
Rational Bubbles in Non-Linear Business Cycle Models
Gender gap tra percezione e opportunità: prima, durante e dopo l'università
Wednesday 13 October 2021
Marianna Brunetti, Annalisa Fabretti, Mariangela Zoli Facoltà di Economia - Università di Roma Tor Vergata
3rd Edition of International School for Advanced Training
Monday 21 June 2021
Impact Evaluation of Development Policies: Concepts, Methods, Applications
Tuesday 15 June 2021
Immigrants supply of personal services, female labour supply and household behaviour in the hosting economy