Resilience, Social Capital, Active Citizenship and Subjective Wellbeing: the Contribution of Generativity

Becchetti LeonardoConzo Gianluigi
CEIS Research Paper
We define generativity as the combination of creativity and care for others wellbeing. Based on John Stuart Mill, Robert Kennedy and Antonio Genovesi quotes we test several research hypotheses on the available waves of the European Social Survey and find that generativity is associated positively and significantly with subjective wellbeing (under the different dimensions of life satisfaction and positive affect), resilience, interpersonal trust, active citizenship and participation to political elections. Our findings are robust across survey waves, gender, age, education splits and significant in estimates considering only individuals living in the same country. With an IV approach we provide evidence that the investigated nexus hides a direct causality link from all our the dependent variables.

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Number: 522
Keywords: generativity, subjective wellbeing, resilience, social capital, active citizenship.
JEL codes: I31,O15,Z13
Volume: 19
Issue: 7
Date: Friday, November 5, 2021
Revision Date: Friday, November 5, 2021