Affiliation: University of Tor Vergata

Other Affiliation: Vice-president Italian Association of Environmental and Natural Reosurce Economists, IAERE,

Address: via Columbia n. 2, 00133 Roma

Telephone: +39 06 7259 5924 - Fax: +39 06 2040219

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Research Interests: Tax Systems, capital taxation, incomes policy, welfare state, fiscal federalism, underground economy, environmental economics, natural resources, water use and management, technological progress and natural resource use, energy economics, green growth, climate change.


She received her degree in Economics at the University of Florence in 1968; having been granted a three years Fellowship by the Ministry of Education, she spent two years at the State University of Milano and one year at the University of Rome La Sapienza; then she was a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, in 1972-1973 ( “Marco Fanno” Scholarship); in 1975 and 1978 she was visiting researcher at the University of Oxford, UK, (one semester in each year and thank to grants by the Italian Council of National Research) . She has taught many courses ( at graduate and undergraduate level) in Public Economics at various universities such as Bergamo, Florence, Pescara, Rome La Sapienza before moving to the university of Rome Tor Vergata where she teaches Economic Policy and Natural Resource Economics. She also teaches various and specific topics in environmental and natural resource economics in the PhD programs at the same faculty where she started a Master program and then a PhD program in environmental economics; she teaches the same topics at several other Master programs in Rome and outside such as Angelicum, MasterGem, Forgea International (Iglesias-Cagliari) ecc. She has been tutor to several PhD students (some of them are now working in international institutions). She has been very active in participating in national and international conferences both as a presenter and discussant as well as in organizing conferences/ workshops and seminars. She has also served as a consultant to private firms and to the government in various commissions based with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Economic Development. She has published widely in Italian and foreign academic journals and books and has been research coordinator or member of national/ European research projects. She deems the Welfare State the best achievement of the last century, particularly in the European countries but also elsewhere, and that is why in her research and teaching activity policy’s implications in terms of income distribution are never neglected.


The 5 most recent Publications

  • Laura Castellucci-Anil Markandya (eds), 2012, “Environmental Taxes and Fiscal Reform” , Palgrave McMillan, ISBN 978-0-230-39239-7
  • Laura Castellucci, 2012, “Appunti di Politica Economica Ambientale”, Bologna, Società editrice Esculapio, ISBN 9788874885046
  • Laura Castellucci, 2012, “Processi di industrializzazione e urbanizzazione e loro (in)compatibilità con l’equilibrio ambientale” in, La persona nelle filosofie dell’ambiente, Villasanta (MB), Limina Mentis, ISBN 9788895881591
  • Laura Castellucci, 2011, “Economics of Nuclear Energy: What is True and What is False in the Italian Debate”, in Apertacontrada, ISSN 2039-8018
  • Laura Castellucci-Alessio D’Amato-Mariangela Zoli, 2009, “Environmental Quality and Income Inequality: the Impact of redistribution on Direct Household Emissions in Italy”, in Rivista di Politica Economica, vol. VII-IX, ISSN 0035-6468

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Events & Presentations

The 5 most recent Events & Presentations

  • Participation to the 53^ Conference of the Association of the Italian Economists (SIE) and presentation of the paper: Efficiency in the Use of Natural Non-renewable Resources and Environmental Federalism in Italy. Evidence from Regional Management of Mining and Quarrying , by Castellucci L.-Auci S.-Vignani D., 18-20 october 2012,Matera.
  • At the Training and Cooperation Centre in the Field of Geo-mining and Environment, FORGEA, has organized the course: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Theoretical Foundations and Applied Issues and taught two modules: “Introduction to the general theme. What Environmental Economics is all about” and “Basic Concepts and Methods of analysis”, 7-12 october, 2012, Cagliari.
  • She has organized a “Study Day” on: “ Il futuro delle economie del Mediterraneo e le promesse della Green Economy”, and presented: “Vulnerabilità del Mediterraneo ai cambiamenti climatici: che fare?”, 6 ottobre 2012, Acquario di Soverato, Soverato.
  • Participation to the 19^ Annual Conference of EAERE, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 27-30 June 2012, Praga .
  • Participation to the Conference on: Sostenibilità ambientale e Turismo tra Fiscalità Locale e Competitività with the presentation of the paper: “ Turismo sostenibile e politica fiscal nella prospettiva europea”, 18 may 2012, Alghero.

Research Programs & Projects

  • At the moment she is working (with coauthors) to finalize four research papers, namely, one on “Mining and Quarryng in Italy”, one on “The Promise and Peril of Fiscal Federalism”, one on “The Cutting Back of the Public Sector and the Impact on Efficiency” and one on “First Generation Biofuels: the Next Technological Lock-in or a Contribution to Climate Mitigation?”.
  • A research project on: “I cambiamenti climatici nell’area del Mediterraneo: scenari evolutivi, impatti economici, politiche di mitigazione e innovazione tecnologica” has been financed by the Ministry of Education (PRIN projects). As head of a research Unit in this Project will start our activity soon
  • As for a contract she signed with the editor Routledge she is working on the production of a book entitled: “Government and the Environment. The Role of the Modern State in the Face of Global Challenges” which is expected to be published next June.